How Often You Bless Me

How often do You bless me And I recognize it not I take it all for granted All the things I’ve got You’ve given me everything All my needs you’ve supplied My family, my friends And a place in which to abide You’ve given me the strength To live my daily life To walk, talk […]

Let’s Play Hide And Seek

My grandson loves to play hide and seek.  He’s two years old and doesn’t really understand the whole concept of staying hid.  He will go hide and then I will start saying something like, “Where’s Hudson?  I wonder where he can be?”  Of course, the whole time I already know where he hid.  He will […]

Nine Eleven

Fire burning People falling Smoke billowing Voices calling Heroes respond Go beyond Common duty- What beauty! Lives lost Huge cost Lives given Never forgotten.   9/11 is a date that will never be forgotten by those whose lives were impacted and by anyone who watched the horrific images shown again and again in the media. […]

Labor Day Rest

I enjoy the Labor Day holiday.  A free day off of work where I can do whatever I want to do.  For some reason to me it feels completely different from being off on a Saturday.  On Saturdays I do all the house cleaning and grocery shopping and it really is not a very relaxing […]