I Think Of You Often

October 15 was Remembrance Day for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  There are many who have lost babies due to miscarriage.  My daughter and her husband lost a child, and I lost a grandchild.  There is a void left in the parent’s life and in the lives of the whole family.  As a Christian, there is a source of comfort knowing the child that was lost in now back into the arms of their first and greatest Father, the Creator of their life.


I Think Of You Often


Everyday I wonder

Who you would be

A sweet little boy or precious baby girl

Who would you look like and what features you’d have

Maybe hair like mom and eyes like daddy

Would your smile show dimples in chubby little cheeks

Would curls crown the top of your head

Would your giggle be contagious

And your laugh fill the room

Would the sneaky little look

In your eyes shine through

Your small arms would perfectly wrap around my neck

And my heart would wrap around your finger

Yes I think of you often

And I miss each discovery you’d make

First smiles, first steps and first words to celebrate

Each day comes and goes and your face I imagine

I miss the warmth of you in my arms

It’s hard knowing these things I cannot have

But my baby you will always be

In God’s arms you’ll forever be safe and sound

You can see angels and ride on the wind

You can dance on top of the clouds

Your laughter I know can be heard

Ringing through the heavens

No sadness you have for the things you will miss

No tears you will ever shed

No pain you will feel or sickness fight

You are a child greatly blessed

Though sadness is felt down here below

Your presence is so greatly missed

But God, give us peace and let us know

This child was in your plan for us

We don’t understand, but help us to trust,

For I think of Your baby everyday


In Memory of Brighton Drew Carter, May 27, 2014

From your Bebaw – 10/17/2014


How Often You Bless Me

How often do You bless me

And I recognize it not

I take it all for granted

All the things I’ve got

You’ve given me everything

All my needs you’ve supplied

My family, my friends

And a place in which to abide

You’ve given me the strength

To live my daily life

To walk, talk and feel

My ears and eyesight

A voice to speak with others

To say what’s on my heart

I pray the words I say

Will to others Your love impart

But not only have You blessed me

With all the things I see

There’s unseen blessings also

That keeps me as I go

The harm that could befall me

The dangers all around

The storms that satan tries to send

With You I’m safe and sound

Even though there’re struggles

Through which I must go

You’re still blessing even then

Because You’re helping me grow

I love You, Lord with all my heart

My life is in Your hands

Help me stay close to You

Your will to understand

Give me wisdom from above

And spiritual eyes to see

And most of all, I thank You, Lord

For all Your blessings to me


Nine Eleven

Fire burning

People falling

Smoke billowing

Voices calling

Heroes respond

Go beyond

Common duty-

What beauty!

Lives lost

Huge cost

Lives given

Never forgotten.


9/11 is a date that will never be forgotten by those whose lives were impacted and by anyone who watched the horrific images shown again and again in the media.  The sights shown, knowing that people were dying right before our eyes, left a sick feeling within us.  But the one thing of beauty, the only good I saw at that one awful moment, were the heroes rushing to the aid of all the people facing imminent dome.  Ultimately and sadly, many of them lost their lives as well, as they put the lives of others before the welfare of themselves.  It’s hard for many of us to fathom that kind of courage.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13 (NIV)

I wish to thank and honor those who are in the service, the armed forces, law enforcement, firefighters, medical personnel and all of those who daily put the safety and health of others in the forefront.

We also need to remember that our Lord Jesus laid His life down for us all. None of us deserved it, but yet God loved us so much that He willingly offered His Son to die for our sins.

On the anniversary of that terrible day, I think it very fitting to pause and remember, to pray for the ones who personally were affected by the death of a loved one, and to remember the sacrifices made by those willing to lay down their life for the lives of those they didn’t even know.

Vacation Pleasures

Our bags are packed,

The mail has been forwarded,

The lawn is mowed,

The dog has been boarded.


All appliances are unplugged

And the house is secure.

I walked through the rooms

One more time to be sure.


The car’s filled with gas,

The oil has been checked,

Everyone’s gone to potty,

And now we’re all set.


With maps in hand

And smiles on all faces

We pull out of the drive

Ready to see interesting places.


The anticipation we have for our four hour trek,

Falls to our feet when we hear from the back,

“I’m thirsty.”, “I’m hungry.”, and “Are we there yet?”

Silence Is Golden

“Silence is golden,”

I’ve heard people say

When the noise of the world

All passes away

Those moments of quiet

Brings rest for my soul

The blessed peace that follows

Has more value than gold


In those moments of silence

I open Your Word

Your Spirit can teach me

And Your voice can be heard

I cherish those moments

When with You I’m alone

Yes, those moments of silence

Have more value than gold


But then there are times

When Your voice I can’t hear

I reach for Your Word

But I don’t feel You near

I go through the fire

And feel nothing but pain

I wonder why I keep going

If there’s nothing to gain

But as the fire begins to die down

Darkness turns back to day

All dross from my life

Has been burned all away

The silence I went through

When I felt You were gone

Has left nothing within me

Except the refined, purest gold.


Help me still listen even when You don’t speak

Help me keep believing and Your presence still seek

Though testing by fire is not what I’d choose

Lord, let it be if it brings me closer to You.


Yes, silence is golden

When it draws me to You

My faith grows stronger

And of Your strength I am sure

So when the silence is over

And Your face I behold

May what’s left in my life

Be of more value than gold.