Fast Moving Train

So, do you ever have racing thoughts? All the time?  Sometimes it feels like my thoughts are like a fast moving train.  The thoughts keep coming and coming.  Many of them are the same thoughts over and over, repeating like they are searching for the end.  Then another random thought inserts itself between the fast moving ones like the wayward boxcar that is seemingly out of place.  I can see it coming from a distance, almost in slow motion, while the ones that are alike continue to move quickly.  The lonesome thought keeps moving however, and doesn’t quite stop.  Then the others start speeding up again as if chasing the one my attention tried to grab.  It seems as if the thoughts aren’t going to stop until finally the rear comes into view.  Just like the caboose signals the end of the train, my mind will finally settle on the thought that needs the most attention at the moment.  Even though the race seems over, the sound still rumbles in the background and the rails leave the evidence of its passing.

I often think that my brain is OCD with a little ADD mixed in.  What does that make it?  Maybe OACDD (Obsessive Attention Compulsive Deficit Disorder)!  I tend to grind on issues, looking at things from every angle.  I’m slow to actually act on any idea.  I just spend a lot of time thinking.

In the Psalms, many times you will see the word “Selah”.  This word means to pause, to think about what you just read.  Instead of just racing through the words of the scripture, slow it down like the slow moving boxcar and think about what it actually is saying.  Then like the caboose, really take time to focus, to dig into the meaning.  You know, our God is an awesome God.  His majesty is beyond our understanding or comprehension.  We should long to see just that little bit that He chooses to reveal, the little bit that He knows we’re ready to handle.  If He reveals too much, our minds can’t contain it so it races away from us.  But just the right amount, a portion of His glory, the little bit that causes us to pause, to really seriously contemplate how majestic He is and how worthy He is of our honor and love – that will cause us to pause, reflect and then praise Him with all of our might.  Then even after we close His word for the day and start to move on, the rumble of His love and the presence of His Spirit will remain within us.

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