How Often You Bless Me

How often do You bless me

And I recognize it not

I take it all for granted

All the things I’ve got

You’ve given me everything

All my needs you’ve supplied

My family, my friends

And a place in which to abide

You’ve given me the strength

To live my daily life

To walk, talk and feel

My ears and eyesight

A voice to speak with others

To say what’s on my heart

I pray the words I say

Will to others Your love impart

But not only have You blessed me

With all the things I see

There’s unseen blessings also

That keeps me as I go

The harm that could befall me

The dangers all around

The storms that satan tries to send

With You I’m safe and sound

Even though there’re struggles

Through which I must go

You’re still blessing even then

Because You’re helping me grow

I love You, Lord with all my heart

My life is in Your hands

Help me stay close to You

Your will to understand

Give me wisdom from above

And spiritual eyes to see

And most of all, I thank You, Lord

For all Your blessings to me


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