I Think Of You Often

October 15 was Remembrance Day for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  There are many who have lost babies due to miscarriage.  My daughter and her husband lost a child, and I lost a grandchild.  There is a void left in the parent’s life and in the lives of the whole family.  As a Christian, there is a source of comfort knowing the child that was lost in now back into the arms of their first and greatest Father, the Creator of their life.


I Think Of You Often


Everyday I wonder

Who you would be

A sweet little boy or precious baby girl

Who would you look like and what features you’d have

Maybe hair like mom and eyes like daddy

Would your smile show dimples in chubby little cheeks

Would curls crown the top of your head

Would your giggle be contagious

And your laugh fill the room

Would the sneaky little look

In your eyes shine through

Your small arms would perfectly wrap around my neck

And my heart would wrap around your finger

Yes I think of you often

And I miss each discovery you’d make

First smiles, first steps and first words to celebrate

Each day comes and goes and your face I imagine

I miss the warmth of you in my arms

It’s hard knowing these things I cannot have

But my baby you will always be

In God’s arms you’ll forever be safe and sound

You can see angels and ride on the wind

You can dance on top of the clouds

Your laughter I know can be heard

Ringing through the heavens

No sadness you have for the things you will miss

No tears you will ever shed

No pain you will feel or sickness fight

You are a child greatly blessed

Though sadness is felt down here below

Your presence is so greatly missed

But God, give us peace and let us know

This child was in your plan for us

We don’t understand, but help us to trust,

For I think of Your baby everyday


In Memory of Brighton Drew Carter, May 27, 2014

From your Bebaw – 10/17/2014


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