Messing Up The Airwaves

I enjoy listening to Christian radio. I have a 35 minute ride each morning and afternoon to and from my office. Listening to the radio is a time of learning about God and a time of praising Him for who He is. Two stations I listen to a lot are Joy FM, a gospel music station, and a Bible Broadcasting Network which airs Wisdom For The Heart. On that station I enjoy listening to Dr. Stephen Davey’s sermons, which also can be found on the website,

The problem with radio is the potential for static. Some days I can clearly hear what I want to listen to. Sometimes there is a little bit of static, but I can still hear. Other days the static is so bad that I cannot make out anything being said.  When the static is really bad, I’ve noticed if I try to change the station, most of the stations that are considered secular, still comes in clearly. When that happens, I just turn the radio off and enjoy the silence.

This morning was one of those days when there was some static, but not so much that I couldn’t keep listening. It was then that I had one of those “ah-ha” moments when I felt I had this static thing all figured out.

I recalled the verse in the Bible that refers to Satan as the “prince of the power of the air.” (See Ephesians 2:1-3) As a Christian, I know Satan loves nothing more than to distract God’s children from having a close relationship with our Savior. And since Satan is the prince of the air, it would make perfect sense for him to mess up the radio airwaves for Christian stations. (Some people may think I’ve really lost it now, but this is how my brain works.)

So how does this relate to our daily lives? When we are in a right relationship with Christ, we are in the position where we can hear Him clearly. We can hear Him speaking to us through His word, and we can feel His presence when we are praying and going about our day. There is no “static” there to keep us from hearing Him.

But when we have strayed from God, when we do not make spending time with Him a daily priority, we cannot hear Him as clearly – there’s some static there. And if we have really fallen away, or have not yet accepted Christ as our Savior, all we can hear clearly are secular things. That’s when our “station” is turned away from God and onto worldly things.

But what about the silent times? There are times when I feel that God is silent. I read His word and I pray, but I still can’t seem to hear Him. But I have found that if I am faithful to continue pursuing that relationship with Him, I will soon hear Him once again.

So sometimes we are blessed to be able to have a clear reception of God and at other times, we have to struggle to hear. I think we need to realize that yes, sometimes the problem is that Satan is attacking, but many times we, ourselves, are the reason we can’t hear God’s voice. If we turn away from God, we are causing our own “static.” I hope you feel as I do when I say, I don’t want to do anything that messes up the airwaves between me and God.

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