My Qualification to Write

I’m no theologian or Bible scholar.  I’m no expert or great authority on the meaning of the Word of God.  So what qualifies me to write about my understanding of the Holy Scriptures?  The same qualification of every believer.  I have the Person of the Holy Spirit residing inside of me and He teaches and reveals to me what God’s word is saying.  I’m not saying I’m always right.  I just want to share my thoughts on what I feel God is teaching me.

I remember being in fourth grade.  I had a wonderful teacher.  Her name was Mrs. Ruth Kelly.  She was a black lady who I remember as being very caring and gentle as she taught her students.  It was in that class when my love for reading really blossomed.  I was soon reading beyond what was considered the normal fourth grade reading level.

I’m going to date myself, but back then we would have “Weekly Readers”.  This was a small newspaper distributed to elementary students.  It would have various stories within its pages and we would take turns reading those stories out loud in class.  But my favorite part of that small paper was that there was an order form with a list of books that students could order.  Of course I wanted every book listed.  I would take the form home and eagerly present it to my Mom and she would tell me the number of books I could order.  I would labor over it, trying to whittle down the list until I finally decided on the books I wanted.  Then with great anticipation, I would take that order form to Mrs. Kelly and give her my list along with the dollars and cents on the designated day of ordering.

Mrs. Kelly recognized and encouraged my love for reading.  On the last day of that school year, right before class was dismissed, Mrs. Kelly took me aside and gave me a paperback copy of Heidi.  I told her I didn’t have the money to pay her for the desired book.  She patted my arm and told me to not worry about that.  Just to take the book and to enjoy reading it.  It was then when I really felt like I was the teacher’s pet.

Now I find that when I really desire to read and study God’s Word, I feel again like a teacher’s pet.  You see, most books you pick up to read, even those in which the author tries very hard to explain certain things, you still have to gain understanding on your own.  But with the Bible, God has provided us with a personal Teacher.  That Teacher is the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us when we become a child of God.   When we pick up His Word with an eagerness to learn, with the longing to gain a greater understanding of God Himself, then our Teacher will be faithful to encourage our understanding and that in turn helps our relationship with God to blossom.  I can even feel Him patting me on the arm, and with joy in His eyes, say, “Child, I paid the cost for you.  Take my Word, read and enjoy it.”

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