Silence Is Golden

“Silence is golden,”

I’ve heard people say

When the noise of the world

All passes away

Those moments of quiet

Brings rest for my soul

The blessed peace that follows

Has more value than gold


In those moments of silence

I open Your Word

Your Spirit can teach me

And Your voice can be heard

I cherish those moments

When with You I’m alone

Yes, those moments of silence

Have more value than gold


But then there are times

When Your voice I can’t hear

I reach for Your Word

But I don’t feel You near

I go through the fire

And feel nothing but pain

I wonder why I keep going

If there’s nothing to gain

But as the fire begins to die down

Darkness turns back to day

All dross from my life

Has been burned all away

The silence I went through

When I felt You were gone

Has left nothing within me

Except the refined, purest gold.


Help me still listen even when You don’t speak

Help me keep believing and Your presence still seek

Though testing by fire is not what I’d choose

Lord, let it be if it brings me closer to You.


Yes, silence is golden

When it draws me to You

My faith grows stronger

And of Your strength I am sure

So when the silence is over

And Your face I behold

May what’s left in my life

Be of more value than gold.

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