Beautiful Hands

          She settled into the porch swing with a sigh.  She had forgotten how tiring a day of canning vegetables in a hot kitchen could be.  She had left her daughter to finish the last of the cleaning up so she could rest.           She looked down at her hands, tired from a day of […]

What Every Woman Wants

God And A Piece Of Chocolate I was listening to the radio once and a woman said she relies on God but that she needs chocolate.  I bet there are many women (maybe some men) who feel this way.  Even though it was said jokingly, there is also some truth in it. I love and […]

Fast Moving Train

So, do you ever have racing thoughts? All the time?  Sometimes it feels like my thoughts are like a fast moving train.  The thoughts keep coming and coming.  Many of them are the same thoughts over and over, repeating like they are searching for the end.  Then another random thought inserts itself between the fast […]

Silence Is Golden

“Silence is golden,” I’ve heard people say When the noise of the world All passes away Those moments of quiet Brings rest for my soul The blessed peace that follows Has more value than gold   In those moments of silence I open Your Word Your Spirit can teach me And Your voice can be […]

Giving Our Firstfruits

With the coming of spring and summer, we begin planning for the garden we will plant and I start anticipating that first tomato we will pull off the vine.  There is nothing like the taste of the first produce pulled from the garden.  The first meal fixed with fresh corn and green beans feels like […]